The Devil’s Resolution


It’s the dark spirit’s new year’s resolution revolution as we’re saying a big fat no to ‘Dry January’ in this joint. Partial to a cheeky tiki tropical number, Satan’s poison of choice sees Jägermeister mixed up with Mezcal, Velvet Falernum, pineapple & lime for a potion worth breaking all the rules for.

Skinny love – LOW CAL


This delicious drink may have gone on a diet but she sure is still dialling up the flavour & knows how to have fun! You’ll be feeling fresh, invigorated & energized with this low cal-pal that sees a healthy dose of Balthazar Rose with Briottet Fraise Liqueur, lime, peach bitters & a revitalising mix of coconut & soda water!

Lemon & Ginger Iced Tea – LOW ABV

In Season

Fix up, look sharp! It’s time to get your blood pressure back in check after silly season with this refreshing revelation & light delight! Bursting with notes of rose & all sorts of citrusy goodness, the sophisticated sippers at Italicus are shaking things up with lemon & ginger tea, martini bianco, lemon & mint!

Waterloo Sunset

Kitchen Cocktail

This moreish mouth-quencher is bursting with an overload of vitamin C to kick those winter blues straight to the curb! Aperol, Campari & Bombay Sapphire stirred down with pink grapefruit, orange juice & lemon for all those rejuvenating needs. We’ve swapped in a drizzle of honey for your natural sugar & we’re topping with soda instead of fizz to lessen that January guilt.