Ask yourself… What does perfect look like?

Our goal is to create the world’s greatest bars & we’re not going stop until we achieve this. We know that to achieve greatness we need; great bars, great cocktails & most importantly and above all else… great staff!

LCC was recently awarded ‘Best Employer’ & ‘Best Career Progression’ at Springboard UK Hospitality Awards & over the last 10 years we’re proud as punch to have our alumni celebrated and recognised as some of the best bartenders in the industry!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to work hard, play hard and train even harder? Would you like to become part of the UK’s most passionate group of people? Whether you’ve had years of experience & want to learn how to launch your own bar, or you’ve just started out in bartending, we could be THE CREW for you!


It’s our dream to create the first government recognized NVQ in ‘Professional Bartending’, we’re working in partnership with the British Institute of Inn-keeping (BII) and the University of Westminster to make this dream a reality with LCC’s training & development setup at its core.

Each new LCC recruit is partnered with a team member who guides them through the tiered training program which is tailor-made to them based on existing strengths & weaknesses based on past experience.

The LCC family is a crazy mix of characters and we’re proud to embrace unique personalities from all walks of life. We work with The Prince’s Trust and Springboard Recruitment to give anyone with an interest in bartending the best quality training; providing the skills needed to build a successful, life-long career.

Our ‘Training & Development’ program is tiered by; Trainee, Junior, Senior and Jedi modules; it is intensive and DEMANDS excellence. From each level you can expect to learn & achieve the following:


  • The Foundation of LCC


  • Good habits for Bartending and for Life
  • Ultimate speed and efficiency


  • Knowledge of the “total bartender”
  • Role Model Behaviour
  • Leadership


  • Advanced Knowledge
  • Advanced Skill
  • Better business understanding
  • How to own your own bar

If your aim is go down the management route you will learn the following:

Bar Manager

  • Trainer to Trainer
  • General administration
  • Back of house
  • Security training
  • Personal license

General Manager

  • Full management responsibilities
  • Cash handling
  • Stock control
  • Responsible for on-going site management
  • Licensing activities

To get you through the program, we hold compulsory weekly training sessions which focus on a multitude of different skill-sets from spirit categories training directly from the brands or famous DJ’s to show how to mix the tunes to get the party started. The training is aimed to give you all the tools you need to get behind the stick & do a killer job making our customers enjoy the party every night of the week!

As part of LCC, you’ll get opportunities to visits everything from distilleries to festivals & everything in between! PLUS there’s a bunch of ways to up your game through staff competitions and incentives where you’ll get the chance to take the spotlight and show the rest of the crew what you’re made of.

If that wasn’t enough, in completing each module you’ll unlock more and more opportunities for external training qualifications such as:

  • Leadership training
  • WSET
  • First Aid
  • Beer training
  • Wine training
  • Licensing

Then FINALLY, once you successfully reach Jedi bartender, you’ll get top-level business management training which will teach you how to open your own bar from start to finish.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, we’d love to hear from you! Bartending’s for Life, not just for Christmas.


  • Click the ‘Apply Now’ button under the job that you think your perfect for.
  • Fill in the details and attach your CV.
  • We’ll email you back with your completed registration form & some more information.
  • We’ll contact you when a position comes available and invite you to come in and have a chat with the management team.
  • All going well, you’ll have a trial shift to see if you can stir and shake it like the best of them.

We look forward to welcoming you to LCC!



Remuneration: £33k-£39k OTE
Hours: Minimum 48 hours per week.
Looking for your next challenge? Our GMs are expected to hold down a station anytime, anywhere; and drive their bartenders to be the best they can be. Encompassing the LCC ethos for great service, incredible drinks and leadership. With the help of a strong back office support, you’ll be trained to command and manage budgets, targets and your squad. We’ll give you the flexibility to put your own stamp on your site which is the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to open their own bar one day!


Remuneration: £27k-£33k OTE
Hours: Minimum 48 hours per week.
All our senior team are involved in management, whether you’re closing up shop at the end of the night, running full shifts by yourself, or training up Junior bartenders. You’ll be well educated on health & safety, WSET as well as receiving your personal licence. We’ll push you to become not only great bartenders but great leaders. Those are the true skills that will guarantee success globally in our industry!


Remuneration: £21k – £27k OTE
Hours: Variable (minimum 20 hours)
New to the game? No worries! We have the training and support network to catapult you into an incredible career in an amazing industry. As long as you bring common sense, a passion & thirst for knowledge, not forgetting a winning smile, we’ll provide the rest. Roll up your sleeves and get involved.


Remuneration: £21k – £27k OTE
Hours: Variable (minimum 20 hours)
Maybe you want to be in the drinks game but all that shaking ain’t for you? Are you the host with the most? The sort of personality that can engage a whole room and control a crowd all while driving sales and making unforgettable memories? Yes? Apply Now!

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