LCC Heat Rave

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Get it while it’s hot, literally, at the ‘LCC Heat Rave’ this summer! Keep your beady eyes peeled to the thermometers at the doors of each LCC watering hole to sound the alarm for the coolest time in town.

When you see that temperature rising outside, you’ll find us dropping the prices of Pina Coladas inside. Tropic like it’s hot because 25 °C sounds a lot like £5 Pina Coladas, a scorching 30 °C means 2-4-£5, while a chart topping 35 °C blags you a free Pina Colada on us.

Quench that thirst & find refuge with the original party starter with the best cocktails, electric atmosphere & air con around! ‘So, put your hands in the air if you want it right now, cause it’s hot right now!’