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Wanna take your love for LCC to the next level?! London Cocktail Club Membership is totally free, you’ll get 2-4-£12 on selected cocktails AT ALL TIMES, discounts in selected venues, exclusive access to events, PLUS a bunch of free sh*t every single month. All you gotta do is fill in the form below and pick up your members card in any LCC…

NOTICE: LCC membership does not gain you access to Covent Garden Cocktail Club, you must apply to be a member of the Arts Theatre Westend.

  • This month we’re treating you to our #SouthsideRoyale – Painkiller – 2-4-£12 all night, every night
  • We’ll match your round at LCC Shafesbury Avenue & Bethnal Green, Monday till Thursday
  • Free Artist In You session when you make a booking of 4 or more!
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